Tiffany & Tot

Bringing love and comfort through sustainable handmade items, while supporting other Canadian small businesses, located in New Brunsick, Canada.

My Story

Tiffany & Tot is my sewing business, but I found I had a lot of general information I wanted to share about cloth diapers, baby and children’s clothing, or sewing in Canada. And this isn’t just relevant to my customers, but to others as well. From pros and cons of different diaper styles to reviewing patterns or fabric companies, my company Facebook page was just not the best format to share – a centralized place for information was the way to go.


My first “sewn by me” diaper stash.

As for my sewing, above you can see where it all began – my first set of diapers for my son, all from upcycling whatever I could find around the house!

To be perfectly honest, had I known more about properly washing cloth diapers, my business likely wouldn’t be here today. I had a bamboo set of diapers I had bought online, and I found after about 6 months that my son was getting bad rashes around his legs, where the elastics were. Why it didn’t occur to me that my wash routine might be off is completely beyond me! Regardless, I thought he might have developed an allergy the bamboo lining, or to the PUL outer layer. But I didn’t want to buy a new set just to find out he might be allergic to them too, so I decided to sew up a bunch of fitteds from 100% cotton tee shirts I had, and some soaker shorts from some old fleece blankets. And I was hooked.

Turns out, eating solids makes poop more difficult to clean! Our routine was fine before solids, but after a few weeks they just weren’t getting clean. I didn’t realize this, however, until after I had sewn him a new set, and bought PUL to try sewing covers, and I wanted to experiment with a few options…

And here we are! From diapers I’ve branched out to some items from personal interest, and others from being asked, “Hey, can you make ______?” (to which the answer is usually, “Ooh interesting!”)

So I’m often sewing when I’m not watching Superman in a blanket fort with my son, busy splashing outside in puddles, or trying to decide on something nerdy to watch with my husband.

I like to say I’m from the Atlantic Provinces. I grew up in Nova Scotia, spent 12 years in Newfoundland, and now I’m sewing away in New Brunswick. And I try to keep everything I’m doing as Canadian as possible by frequenting small Canadian businesses myself. I source my fabric from Canadian small business running their own custom prints, and most of the patterns I’m using, if not my own, are also from Canadian small businesses. Whenever this is the case, I’ll include in my product listings which components are also supportive of others, because I love working with them. These small business owners are people I’ve actually spoken with, who are trying to do what they love and provide for their families, just like me.


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