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Bringing love and comfort through sustainable handmade items, while supporting other Canadian small businesses, located in New Brunsick, Canada.

My Favourite Fabric Suppliers

I am happy to report that these suppliers are not only all Canadian, but are in fact all Canadian small businesses! All are owned by real human beings I have spoken with personally, their customer service is fantastic, and their fabric is high quality. The colours stay vibrant even after numerous washes, no noticeable pilling (even after 2 washes a week for a couple months), and the fabric still feels soft. At this point, I’m kind of spoiled, and I don’t think I can ever go back to cheap fabric again. 🙂 I’m genuinely happy to recommend any of these companies

Northern Rose Fabrics

Samantha Gowanlock sells custom knits from Alberta, which I reviewed here. The quality is fantastic: vibrant colours, very soft, and a good medium weight of 95/5% cotton/lycra.

Black Rabbit Fabric

She also specializes in custom knits that feel soft and are high quality. Additionally, she brings in some prints from other designers, as well as standard stock like solids and stripes, and a few other options here and there.

Canadian Fluff Supply

She specializes in diaper supplies, and is my go-to for PUL, snaps, and athletic wicking jersey. Her PUL colours stay vibrant and her fabric feels soft and isn’t stiff like some PUL can be. Great for diaper and cloth pad needs!

The Fabric Snob

She also carries great custom knits, knit standards, a number of other options I haven’t been able to keep track of, but I am especially excited about her woven selection for cotton and flannel. The prints are great, lots of variety, and where I look first when I’m stocking up for bibs and cloth pads.