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My Grow With Me Pants Options

Did I have you sold from my last post about how grow with me options are awesome? You can find it here if you missed out.

Today I’ll be explaining the 3  different grow with me pants options that I sell, and like everything, there are pros and cons flying around everywhere! 🙂

Personally I prefer the Apple Tree Bunny Bottoms pattern (looked at in this post). Super cute, biggest size range, a gusset for easier movement, can also be shorts, lots of decorative options, and Apple Tree Sewing Patterns is a Canadian small business! Plus, if you go with the smallest size, even though they would be large at birth, they would last much longer (12 months) than the other pants (6 months).

Everyone is different however, and the other patterns do have their benefits. All are cloth diaper friendly except for a single option of the Monster Bunz pattern (because that one technically has 4 fit options). Pros and cons of each design below, and check here for help on rolling up the cuffs.

Bunny Bottoms (pattern by Apple Tree Sewing)

Slim(ish) harem pants, fit similar to jogging pants.


  • biggest size range, up to size 6 (3-12 months, 9 months – 3T, and 3T-6)
  • added gusset for extra movement (so less stress on the seams, and it drapes nicely)
  • pants or shorts (shorts can be cuffed or be hemmed)
  • 3 pocket options (slit, peek-a-boo or kangaroo)
  • faux drawstring option


  • more expensive – the gusset, pockets and drawstring take more time and increase the price appropriately

For an in-depth look at all the options, and lots of pictures, check out this post.

Monster Bunz (pattern by Opulent Monsters)

These fit more similar to leggings, though depending on the option chosen they may be snug or slightly looser as shown above. The options mostly decide themselves depending on if you want a “bum circle” (which acts like a gusset and creates more room for a cloth diaper), and if you want them to be more on the snug side or on the  slightly looser side.


  • 4 fit options, from leggings to fairly fitted jogging pants
  • can be sewn with or without a “bum circle” (with it creates a better fit over cloth diapers, without it reduces the cost of the pants)
  • smaller sizes available (preemie, tiny newborn, and newborn)
  • sizes up to 4 years (0-6 months, 3-18 months, 1-4 years)
  • there is a size starting at birth


  • slimmer through the hips, so while possible, pockets wouldn’t be recommended (and are not possible with 3 of the 4 styles)

P is for Pirate Harem Pants (pattern by Hatchlings Patterns)

These are a very quick sew, so less expensive, and they do have a fair bit of room for a cloth diaper. Good for a newborn, especially if they’re a slow gainer.  You’ll see in the “cons”, that I have limited sizing in there, though there is a larger size available that’s 6 months-4T. I debated getting it, but I’m so in love with the Bunny Bottoms that I didn’t want to buy another harem pants pattern needlessly. While I haven’t compared them personally (since I don’t have the larger size of this one), I worry that there might be too much stress on the crotch seam too with this one, since there isn’t a gusset to allow for more movement (like the Bunny Bottoms). But I do still think this would be my pick if looking for pants for a preemie or newborn (keeping in mind that they likely would grow out of them very quickly).


  • less expensive
  • there is a size starting at birth
  • a baggy harem means room for a cloth diaper


  • only one size, 0-6 months


And that’s that! My pick is definitely the Bunny Bottoms. What do you think? Did I miss any pros or cons?


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You’re not “good enough”. You’re fricken awesome.

If I’m perfectly honest, this is for me just as much as it’s for you.

And I know it’s a little off topic in some ways for me, but it’s also essential to all of us in ways that actually matter.

As far as I can tell, it seems like most people feel inadequate a whole lot of the time. If this doesn’t apply to you, that’s amazing! But most people I’ve even surface spoken with seem to feel like they’re not good enough in one way or another.

On my good days, if I can get myself to believe I’m “good enough”, whether for my family, friends, work, whatever, I’m doing pretty well. And that seems to be the goal of others I’ve known too.

But seriously? That’s crap. You’re not “good enough”. You’re SO much more!

I know I don’t know your situation. And even if you know me, you probably don’t know all of mine. But I really believe that you’re fricken awesome. Whatever that dumbass in your head is telling you, (you know, the one you let convince you that you’re not good enough), he’s a jerk and needs to go. Because you’re so, SO much more than good enough.

And please believe me when I say that I know that’s WAY easier said than done. But it doesn’t make it any less true.

You’re not good enough. You’re fricken awesome. And it’s high time we all start believing it.

Northern Rose Fabric preorder

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Northern Rose Fabrics Review – (Short version, it’s amazing!)

Northern Rose Fabrics Under the Sea strikeoff

Northern Rose Fabrics is a new Canadian small business offering custom prints on 95% cotton 5% lycra fabric. Owned and run by Samantha Gowanlock in Alberta, she’s currently running a pre-order of 10 gorgeous prints. Pre-order specifics and the nitty gritty will be at the end, but her prints are fantastic – you’ve been warned. Almost as soon as I posted her pre-order options to my facebook page I had an order for multiple items using her prints! She also has a monthly giveaway in her Facebook group, so make sure to check it out, and the current giveaway information is below with the preorder details.

Northern Rose FabricsI was selected to be a strikeoff seamstress for her, meaning I got to test out some of her fabric. The short version is that it’s amazing! No word of a lie, when I first showed it to my son, his eyes got really big, he gasped and excitedly exclaimed “Oooooh! THIS fabric!!!! Here’s what I’ve noticed with the strikeoff I sewed up, “Under the Sea”:

  • really soft to the touch
  • great colours, as vibrant as the pictures appear on my screen
  • no fading after a prewash with detergent (I cut off a sample to compare)Northern Rose Fabrics Strikeoff
  • the colours in the “Under the Sea” print didn’t seem to run at all – I tossed a white sock in the washer with it and the sock didn’t change colour even slightly
  • sewed up nicely

I’m honestly really happy with the fabric quality, and I can’t wait to buy more!

Preorder Details

Northern Rose Fabric preorder

The current pre-order closes on May 21st, so make sure your orders are in before then. Pre-order price is $25.50CAD and retail price will be $29.50CAD, invoiced in Canadian dollars and cut by the metre. The fabric has 4 way stretch, is digitally printed, is approximately 59″ wide and is a nice medium weight at 250gsm. There is a layaway option, shipping within Canada is a flat rate of $15CAD, and prices for shipping elsewhere are available on her Facebook page. Finally, everyone who preorders will be automatically entered for a giveaway bundle of 5 free fat halves!! What’s not to love??

Update May 12, 2017 – I’ve now washed one of the items I made at least 10 times. I’m happy to report it still looks great!!!