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Bringing love and comfort through sustainable handmade items, while supporting other Canadian small businesses, located in New Brunsick, Canada.

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Tiffany & Tot Mission Statement

Bringing love and comfort through sustainable handmade items, while supporting other Canadian small businesses.

Bringing love and comfort
– physical, through comfortable clothing
– emotional, items sewn with care, and hand crafted to suit the individual through personal needs, sizing, style, colours and prints

Sustainable handmade items
– high quality fabric that remains vibrant and has no noticeable pilling even after numerous washes
– sewn by me from patterns and fabrics which have been tested for quality
– reusable (rather than disposable) items to cut down on waste
– grow-with-me children’s clothing that lasts much longer than sized items

Supporting other Canadian small businesses
– fabric sourced from Canadian small businesses
– some patterns designed in Canada by Canadian small businesses

For example,
– a grow-with-me hoodie (pattern designed in Canada) that will last a baby/child through multiple sizes (ex. 3T-6), and expresses the personal interests of the parents and/or child through prints and colours
– comfortable underwear that fits a new mom well with an extra tall waistband to create comfortable compression, and in a cut that suits her well, to help her feel like “her” again
– cloth menstrual/incontinence pads or nursing pads that save a person money over time as they are reused, and express the personality of the person using them
– underwear (or other items) that helps an individual who is transgender to better express themself, while remaining comfortable and allowing for personal customization
– wipeable cloth diapers (pattern designed by me) that can be reused between washes, extending their reusability even further


For information about a custom order for an adult shirt in particular, check here.

My policies are outlined here.

The bulk of my sales are from my Facebook page, usually through messaging, but there are other ways to contact me too. I accept paypal, emt or cash, whichever you prefer, and I’m happy to walk you through any of those options.

Most of my sales are by custom order (see this album for ideas), whether the customer chooses fabric that I order in, or from the fabric I currently have in stock (PUL, cottons, or knits). I do have some items I keep in stock, however as I said, I sell primarily custom orders, so you can get exactly what YOU want (and not just what I think you might want).

I’m happy to look at new patterns, or modifying existing patterns to suit your needs, so if you’re looking for something, please let me know! The patterns I primarily use for sales however are listed below.

* Please note that all prices are listed in CAD, are priced for high quality custom fabric purchased from Canadian small businesses, and do not include shipping

  • Diapers $26 for print, $23 for solid
  • Cloth Pads
  • Bibs $8 each for baby/toddler, $20 each for adult
    • 4 bib styles in sizes ranging from Newborn to up to 3 years (An Apple Tree Sewing Pattern, another Canadian small business)
    • Adult side snapping bibs* (A Tiffany & Tot Original)
  • Baby/Children’s Clothing
    • Grow With Me pants from 3 different patterns
      • P is for Pirate Harem pants, size 0-6 months $17
      • Monster Bunz $13-25 without bum circles, $23-35 with bum circles (largest size is 1-4 years)
      • Bunny Bottoms pattern by Canadian designer Apple Tree Sewing (largest size is 3T-6)
        • shorts $25-40.50 depending on size and pocket options
        • pants $30-48 depending on size and pocket options
    • Bunnyhug hoodie pattern by Canadian designer Apple Tree Sewing (in Grow With Me Sizing up to 3-6)
    • Ankle Wrap Booties, from Newborn to children’s size 13 (An Apple Tree Sewing Pattern, another Canadian small business)
  • Hats, a few variations on the beanie, from Newborn up to Adult
  • Underwear/boxerwear (in sizes ranging from 12 months to adult XXXL)
    • underwear $11.50-23.50
    • boxerwear $16-30.50