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Tiffany & Tot Wipeable Diaper Cover

Tiffany and Tot Wipeable Diaper Cover

Tiffany & Tot Wipeable Diaper Cover

The Wipeable Diaper covers I sell are my own pattern design. After a great deal of thought, speaking with customers who cloth diaper, and a bit of tinkering, my covers have the following features:

  • the snap placement allows for an extra snug fit for those teeny tiny waists
  • the lengthened elastic casings to allow for a better fit around the legs
  • the rise snaps are placed in an optimal position
  • all fabric is PUL that can be wiped down and reused between washes (depending on whether it has already been soiled)
  • the back PUL inner flap is elasticized to match the back waist elastic, so it holds the insert snugly (which is especially helpful when you have an extra wiggly baby!)

For a look at how this diaper design compares to other diaper styles, take a look at this post.