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Cloth pad sewn by Tiffany and Tot: 5" Flight Liner

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So many options! Cloth pad edition

If you thought the other things I’ve been talking about have too many options, then just wait until you hear about all the options for cloth pads! For general information, check here – this post is about the specific specifics for what I sell!

Bottom line for ordering, I have a few recommendations to get you started so you can try a variety of things without having to individually consider all the options yourself. If you like all the details (like I do), then you’re welcome to read on, but you can easily try cloth pads without reading all the nitty gritty. If you order, I’ll ask you:

  1. Are you looking for a specific absorbency? (If not, I’ll do 3 heavy, because having too much absorbency isn’t a problem, but having too little can be.)
  2. Do you have any lengths or widths in mind? (If not, I have a variety ready to go.)
  3. Do you want to try any shapes in particular? (Again, I have a variety all planned for you.)
  4. Would you like to pick out the fabric yourself from my selection, would you like to give me a general idea of what you like (and I can pick based on that), or do you want me to pick them? (If you want me to pick, I’ll select a variety of colours and types of prints.)

That’s it! If you tell me up front you just want a selection of everything I offer, I can do that too.

Prices are at the bottom, and at this time I offer 10% off for anyone ordering 3 pads or more at the same time.

I also have a secret Facebook group specifically for my customers who are interested in cloth pads. It’s secret for your privacy, so that others won’t see that you’re a part of the group. It’s where I look for testers for anything pad-related that may come up, where I have some additional information for those who might have questions, and it’s where I post if I’m thinking about trying something new to look for interest. If you’d like to be added, just let me know.


A Variety Cloth Pad Set sewn by Tiffany and TotDiamond, traditional, straight edges, curvy edges, or novelty shapes! Some find certain styles more comfortable, while others like everything. Personally, I like having a variety. There are a few styles I especially like, but so far I haven’t found any styles uncomfortable. Some of my customers have found specific shapes less for them, but even then isn’t a clear rule as to which are more comfortable than others, which is why I recommend a variety to get started.


Tiffany and Tot assorted cloth padsThis one is pretty easy to get your head around, though it does come down to personal preference. Personally, I think of liners as being 5-8″, moderate as about 8-10″, heavy about 9-12″, and overnight/postpartum as 10-18″. (Yup, they really can be that long!)

That said, you absolutely could have a 12″ liner, or a 7″ heavy pad, depending on your own preferences. I suggest starting out with an 8″ pad and a 10-11″ pad, because that will help you know whether you would like smaller or longer as they both fall roughly in the middle.


Various Cloth Pad patterns sewn by Tiffany and TotThis has somewhat less variety. I have some patterns that are 2″ wide and some that are 3″ wide, though most are 2.5-2.75″ wide. This is also personal preference, and whichever fits your underwear better. Too narrow for you won’t give you great coverage, but too wide might bunch. I suggest trying a 2.5″ and a 2.75″ wide pad to start, and then go from there, though so far between me and my customers, I haven’t come across any major preferences for width.

Though a note about bunching: While it can be from a pad that’s too wide, it could also be if the wings aren’t well suited for the underwear style you’re wearing, or if the underwear you’re wearing isn’t well suited to cloth pads to begin with. I’ll talk about underwear more at the end.

fabric topper

Flannel (left) and Cotton (right) topped pads

At this time, I only offer quilting cotton and cotton flannel as topper options as a general rule. They’re both natural fibers (100% cotton), and are available in lots of fantastic prints. Flannel absorbs a little quicker and is a bit raised, while quilting cotton isn’t raised and almost feels cooler (though keep in mind that while I like both, I prefer quilting cotton, so others might describe them differently).

But everyone is different. I have also offered athletic wicking jersey and microfleece as toppers in the past. They’re synthetic fabrics (100% polyester), and act like a stay-dry topper. Athletic wicking jersey is flat, and feels more similar to a stay dry topper on a disposable pad, while microfleece is raised (more so than flannel). Personally, I detest microfleece with a fiery passion, and while I don’t hate athletic wicking jersey I don’t love it either. Most of my customers have agreed with me (which is why I don’t offer it anymore), though there have been a few who have liked athletic wicking jersey. If there is enough demand I may look at offering it again in the future, so if you would like it as an option again please let me know.

fabric backer

PUL back of a 10.5″ Front Bleeder pad. (Dinosaurs, because cloth pads can be fun too!)

In the past I have also offered heavy water-resistant fleece as a backer option i, which is a little bulkier, but it isn’t slippery, but at this time I’m only offering PUL as a backer. Some argue over whether it’s technically waterproof or water-resistant, but in my experience with both pads and diapers, it might as well be waterproof. It’s very thin, but some also find it’s a little slippery and that pads can shift around on them. I haven’t experienced this personally, but from what I understand from talking with both customers and from hearing from others who have had trouble, it seems to only happen if underwear doesn’t fit well.


Wings also come in all shapes and sizes!

Wings can look like triangles or ovals, be curvy, straight or a mixture, or can be in novelty shapes themselves. I haven’t found any wing shapes uncomfortable, though some do seem to keep the pad in place better for some people. Wider wings stay put, super narrow not so much, but some find wider wings cause more bunching (likely due to how well they fit underwear).


all the underwearThis is actually really, really important. If you have underwear that doesn’t fit you well, pads are much more likely to slide around on you. So far I haven’t heard of anyone who has PUL slide around who is wearing them with well fitting underwear, and while that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, well fitting underwear does seem to be the solution.

If you’re experiencing sliding pads, I do sell underwear as well which is EXTREMELY comfortable, and fits great as it’s based on measurements. (This week at the park I actually had a moment where I felt a little bad for the people around me, because I thought they were probably wearing store bought underwear that was uncomfortable, but they might not even realize it because they haven’t tried anything else. I heard people say that before I tried them and thought they sounded ridiculous. I still think it sounds ridiculous, but it’s genuine all the same.) I have a blog post here outlining all the different options for underwear, and there are lots of pictures showing different styles.

But if you’re not in the market for new underwear and your pads are shifting around, you can try wearing a second pair of underwear, which may help. (Put one pair on first with the pad, then put on the second, but the pad should only be around the first pair.)


Tiffany and Tot Cloth Pad Prices

At this time I offer 10% off for anyone ordering 3 pads or more at the same time.

To purchase, or ask questions about products, please contact me.

Tiffany and Tot assorted cloth pads

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Cloth Pad General Information

A Variety Cloth Pad Set sewn by Tiffany and Tot

I seriously feel like I could go on for days and days about how amazing cloth pads are, but I won’t. If you’d like to hear me ramble some more, please contact me – I’d love to chat about them! The short version, though…

Benefits and Downsides

I honestly feel the downsides are minimal and are virtually insignificant compared to the benefits, but everyone is different. Cloth pads do cost more up front than disposables, but they save TONS of money over time. My smaller (but workable) stash paid for itself in less than 4 months, and I am factoring in full price.

Another consideration is laundry, as they will be something else that needs to be washed, however they can be easily washed with other laundry (and there are details in the washing section below).

For benefits, they’re cheaper, can be customized to suit you perfectly, can be washed with other clothes (so very little extra work cleaning), they’re really comfy and adorable or trendy or whatever look you’re going for. And these are just the superficial benefits off the top of my head. I didn’t even go into environmental benefits, or how some people (myself included) are actually allergic to disposable menstrual products, but don’t even realize it because it’s the only method they’ve ever known.

Prepping new pads

A Variety Pack of cloth pads sewn by Tiffany and Tot

If they’re made with bamboo (and all mine are), they should be washed approx. 5 times before they will reach max. absorbency. If they’re used before they’re fully prepped then they won’t absorb as quickly or effectively, but they will still function (you’ll just need to change them a bit sooner). For prepping, they can be washed with normal loads you’re already doing.

If you’re impatient (like I am) and want to use them right away, I would definitely recommend washing once as this will partially prep them, then just keep an extra close eye on when they need to be changed.


This depends on your washer, detergent, water, and personal biology. I’d start by washing normally with regular laundry and see how it goes. If this isn’t quite enough, you could try a heavier wash cycle, or a quick prewash with a small amount of detergent before adding your other laundry. Staining can be avoided by rinsing immediately, and/or washing frequently (within 48 hours), but they will come clean even if you don’t rinse and wait a few days. Hot water is a toss up. Some people find it cleans more effectively, but it also tends to set stains. Definitely avoid fabric softeners like the plague though as they can negatively affect absorbency.

Various Cloth Pad patterns sewn by Tiffany and TotIf you have any questions at all, whether about my pads or reusable menstrual products in general, please don’t hesitate to let me know because I’m happy to answer what I can, whether in the comments below, or more privately – you can find all my contact info here. This isn’t a topic we tend to talk about easily, so if you’d rather not talk publicly, believe me, I completely understand.